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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here's some answers to our most commonly asked questions.

When is it?
Why should I come?
What else is happening with VFP in Australia?
What does 'local' mean?
How can I help?
Travel - How do I get there?
Accommodation - Where should I stay?
What is the weather like in February?
Should I get excited?
What can I do in Sydney?
Local Cafés
What happened to Craig Boyd?
What should I bring?
Will there be prizes?
Can I buy Hentzenwerke books at OzFox?
What about the Xbox room rumours we've been hearing?
Is there conference parking available?
Thank you list

When is it?

OzFox 2007 is being held on 25-27 February 2007.

It is being held at the Vibe Hotel in Sydney, Australia.


Why should I come?

Why should you give up 3 days and join us in Sydney for OzFox 2007?
Here's why:

1. Great sessions
We are working hard to ensure the sessions presented are relevant, highly technical, and immediately useful in your developer situations.

2. Networking
At OzFox 2004 you gave us strong feedback that you wanted more opportunities to network with other Fox developers. You wanted to find out what people were doing with Visual FoxPro through out Australia and New Zealand.

You wanted to build the community, and get to know each other better.
There will be a whole session devoted to this (on Sunday evening)

3. Add your voice
Just by attending OzFox you will be adding your voice to the Fox community. Good conference attendance is a powerful way to let Microsoft, IT magazines and the other developer communities know that Visual FoxPro is strong and relevant.

4. Give us feedback
We want to reach as many Fox developers as possible in Australia and New Zealand and learn how we can improve the tools, events and infrastructure for Visual FoxPro development for at least the next 10 years.

What else is happening with VFP in Australia?

Visual FoxPro in Australia
Did you know there are VFP user groups in Sydney and Melbourne?
Check out the Sydney VFP User Group and also see details of the Melbourne VFP User Group

Did you know we have an Aussie VFP podcast?
Check out details of the Australian VFP podcast at OzFoxRocks!

Have you seen this community page?

What does 'local' mean?

You say local - does that mean New Zealand is excluded?

No way. We'd love our Kiwi friends to join us. We are really only saying local because we know that it is very difficult and expensive to fly in from the US or Europe. But with the price wars that go on with the airlines it is sometimes cheaper to fly to New Zealand than it is to fly to Perth... (go figure)

And we are keen for New Zealand developers to present as well.

How can I help?

There are a number of ways you can help make OzFox 2007 a great success:

1. Be there
Just by attending you will be helping the VFP community in Australia have a louder voice.
And being heard builds support from Microsoft and other developer communities.
In order to help the most let us know as soon as possible that you are coming.

2. Promote OzFox 2007
Make a noise about OzFox. Start by encouraging your VFP buddies to come. Put posts on community forums, wikis and news groups. Let others know you will be attending. Put links to this site on your web site.

You might want to put one of these logos on your website or blog:

I'll be at OzFox 2007 or I'll be at OzFox 2007

I'll be at OzFox 2007 or I'll be at OzFox 2007

I'll be at OzFox 2007 or I'll be at OzFox 2007

I'll be at OzFox 2007 or I'll be at OzFox 2007

Here's some example code you can use:

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.ozfox.com.au">

<img border="0" src="http://www.ozfox.com.au/images/ozfox2007logo1.jpg" width="270" height="48" alt="I'll be at OzFox 2007">


3. Presenting at OzFox
After OzFox 2004 we had strong feedback that attendees were greatly interested in what other VFP developers were doing around the country. By presenting you will be opening the eyes of your peers to some of the great VFP projects being conducted here in Australia.

Although our Aussie culture is not really one that 'boasts' about what we are doing, there is great benefit to other attendees to learn about about what is going on here at home.

If you are keen to present please send us an email - details here

4. Videoing and streaming the sessions
We are hoping someone can video the sessions and put them up for later viewing around the globe. They don't need to be top quality production wise, but they do need to be clearly audible and the screen shots need to be readable. Anyone able to help out here?


What is the weather like in February?

February is nice and warm, with long days and pleasant evening breezes.

Check out the weather statistics for Sydney in February here.


Accommodation - Where should I stay?

Ideally you should try to stay at the Vibe Hotel North Sydney (where the conference is being held). The speakers and most out-of-towners will be staying there. Prices start from $145-185 per night.

Give the Vibe a call (on +61 2 9955 1111) and tell them you are attending OzFox at the end of February. They will look after you from there.

Other options

Avillion - $188/nt - need to access public transport or a taxi from the city

Medina Classic Crows Nest - $145/nt - Need to use public transport or get a taxi to the conference

Rydges North Sydney - $190/nt

Urban St Leonards - from $189/nt

Harbourview Hotel North Sydney - from $145/nt

Oaks Concierge Apartments - from $146/nt - Need to use public transport or a taxi to get to the conference

Pacrim Apartments North Sydney - need public transport or a taxi to get to the conference


Travel - How do I get there?

There are plenty of cheap flights from Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand.

The online airline sites are always good. Try Virgin, Qantas or JetStar.

If you would like to use a travel agent, we recommend Vicky Barnes at Flight Centre. She is very helpful and will find you a good deal.

Vicky Barnes
Flight Centre Five Dock
109 Great North Road
Five Dock NSW 2046
p: 02 8276 9500
f: 02 9712 7800
e: vicky.barnes@flightcentre.com.au

Should I get excited?

Yes, you should. OzFox is the best way to get to know you VFP colleagues around Australia and New Zealand. This is a fantastic opportunity to network and learn more about your favourite development tool.

The speakers are all busting to get down under and share their knowledge, ideas and passion for Fox.

You'll learn all about Sedna and the new functionality coming to Visual FoxPro. Speak to long time developers in depth about your development ideas and problems. Be amazed at the benefits you gain from delving into the FoxPro reporting engine at length.

This is the premier Visual FoxPro event in Australia and New Zealand.


What else is there to do?

There's plenty of stuff to do in Sydney.

First up, check out the official Sydney site. The site links to the Sydney SmartVisit Card - a great way to see multiple attractions reasonably economically.

Here's a few suggestions from Talman staff:

Taronga Zoo 
Taronga Zoo - Balmoral Beach Walk
Balmoral Beach
Bathers Pavilion Cafe 
Watermark Restaurant 
Manly Beach 
Manly Wharf Hotel 
Garfish Manly
Will and Tobys 
Whitewater Restaurant
Sydney Ferries
Harbour Cruise 
Palm Beach 
Sydney Tower
Royal Botanic Gardens
Queen Victoria Building (QVB)
Luna Park 
Bridge Climb 

Local cafés

There's a stack of Cafés and restaurants around the venue. Here's a few:

Freckle Face Café
32A Burton St
9957 2116

2/21 Broughton St
9922 4322

Café Luigi
3 Broughton Street

Kirribilli Gourmet Deli
2/34 Burton St
9955 3087

Trio’s Harbourside Café
4/12 Fitzroy St
9955 3738

Ripples Café
Olympic Drive
Milsons Point
9929 7722

Aqua Dining
Cnr Paul & Northcliff Sts
Milsons Point
9964 9998

Stir Crazy Thai
5/1 Broughton St
9922 5540

Milsons Restaurant
17 Willoughby St
9955 7075

Ainoya Japanese
3/34 Burton St
9922 1512

Ambalas Indian Restaurant
41 Alfred St
Milsons Point
9955 5095

Curve Restaurant
Vibe Hotel
88 Alfred St
Milsons Point
9955 1111

Gaucho Grill
1/31 Fitzroy St
9922 2080

Grace of India
16 Ennis Rd
Milsons Point
9955 2775

Kirrakaze Japanese
3 Broughton St
9929 9878

SABA Restaurant Cafe (right next to the Vibe Hotel)
Shop 143, 30 Glen Street
Milson Point
9922 7649

What happened to Craig Boyd?

OzFox 2007 regrets to advise that Craig Boyd has had to withdraw from speaking at OzFox, due to a medical emergency in his family.

The OzFox organisers apologise to all attendees for this unexpected change.

In his place, we are very excited to advise that OzFox has secured well known VFP guru Rick Schummer. Together with Doug Hennig, Rick will be presenting the entire opening key note session that was to have been presented by Craig.

Rick and Doug are currently communicating with Craig to ensure all materials, demos and latest features are prepared for the opening keynote. The opening keynote will include some new material not seen at any other conferences.

In addition to the opening keynote, Rick will be presenting three (3) full sessions. Details available on the Sessions page.

This change in speaker lineup was advised to OzFox in the week of 22 January 2007. Rick was secured by the end of that week and registered attendees were advised by email. This web site was updated with the news on Tuesday 30 January 2007.


What should I bring?

Here's a list of things to bring to OzFox 2007

Backpack - we aren't providing a conference bag this year, but we are providing cool things to take with you

Notebook - we have wireless internet so you can access the latest information (plus blog about the conference!). And you can be trying the samples from the memory stick whilst the session is in progress

Your story - there is a networking session on the Sunday night where you can share your details with the rest of the attendees. Tell us about what you do, how long you've been doing it, and what you love about the Fox. Great prizes for the most interesting introductions!

Camera - to take a photo of yourself with one of the speakers! And to keep a record of the event.

Autograph book - there's a prize for the first person to get all the speaker's autographs!

Your excitement - come and enjoy yourself. Sure, you'll be learning heaps, but make sure you have fun too.

Your energy - it's going to be intense, so make sure you come with plenty of energy reserves.


What prizes are there?

There's a stack of great prizes at OzFox. From bonus Fox Dollars (which you can spend on Hentzenwerke books or coffee) to Microsoft software to USB hubs its all here.


Can I buy Hentzenwerke books at the conference?

Yes, Andrew Coates is setting up the Hentzenwerke books stand. For the duration of OzFox there will be a 10% discount on all Hentzenwerke books!


What about the Xbox room?

Yes, yes, yes, the Xbox room is back. Thanks to Andrew Coates and Microsoft, the Xbox room will be back at OzFox 2007. After a hard day's brain pounding with FoxPro goodness, sit back and relax in the Xbox room. Let the adventure, driving, shooting and sports carnage begin!


Where is the conference parking?

There is parking at the venue for conference attendees.

When you arrive, drive down the street to the left of the hotel and enter the car park halfway down on the right. You will need to press the intercom button and tell them you are attending OzFox.

At the end of the day, you will need to pay a fee to get an exit pass (without it you can't get out of the car park).

OzFox has organised parking vouchers with the hotel. Simply speak to Nicole of one of the other Talman staff on the registration desk at OzFox and ask for one of the vouchers. We'll give you one and the you simply present this to the hotel staff in order to get your exit pass. Simple right? Yeah, I wish it was a little easier, but I'm sure this will work out fine.

Bottom line: just speak to Nicole when you turn up on Sunday and ask for a parking voucher.


Who should we thank?

Here's the list of people that OzFox is incredibly thankful for:

Speakers: Doug, Rick, Lisa, Colin
Local speakers: Bing, Mark, Alain, Andrew

Andrew Coates and Microsoft (for the Xbox room)

Peter Metcalf + Talman

Colin built the PowerPoint templates

Vibe Hotel - especially these staff: Tal, Roberto, Brian


Quids for their support
Sydney VFP User Group
Fox Wiki
Bloggers - Andrew MacNeill, Rick Schummer, Doug Hennig

All the attendees, especially those who have given me support and encouragement

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